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Monday, March 25, 2013

outfit post // 21st birthday edition !

dress | earthsong   jacket | forever 21   flats | nine west

As you're reading this, I'll probably be out barhopping (or maybe already have, for my abroad, time-zones-ahead readers!)  to celebrate my 21st birthday!  This here is my birthday outfit, and I made sure to snap these pictures while it was still light out tonight because it's probably going to be the only chance I'll have for a few days.  I've got 3 birthday dinners to go to this week!  What can I say, folks love a good party, especially when the birthday girl can drink.

I was tooling around downtown last week after picking up some birthday yarn (a girl's gotta treat herself sometime, right?!), and decided to stop into a cute little hippie-ish botique that I've passed a million times and always wanted to go in, but never did.  I didn't have anything on my agenda that afternoon so I thought to myself, Heck, why not?  Within five minutes of clicking hangers together on the racks, I spotted this beauty of a dress.  There was only a large and a small, so I grabbed the large and tried it on.  Too big.  Put it back and tried on the small.  Too tiny.  

Do you see the dilemma here??!  I could NOT let this dress slip through my hands because I knew it was THE dress of all the birthday dresses.  (scroll down to the bottom. you'll see.  it was THE birthday dress.)  So I marched on up to the counter and as politely as possible demanded to know if there was a medium in this birthday dress I just had to have and if so could I buy it??

Since I'm wearing the right size dress, you can guess what they said.  :)  Since it was for my 21st birthday, and since it was the most perfect dress ever, they made a special exception to fly it in from San Francisco.  Not really.  But that's what I like to tell myself.

In other news.... I was pleasantly surprised a little bit ago to notice this on my screen - I put it into my phone's calendar months ago, and completely forgot!  Kind of a nice reminder.  ;)

I also have really big news!!  You are now looking at Jamba Juice's newest shift manager!  (also known as an assistant general manager)  I am so ecstatic beyond words for my promotion to be official (as of today!).  Even sweeter is that I am not only gettting a $1 raise like I expected, but I'm getting a $2 raise!  Not gonna lie, I did a little happy dance that involved some jumping around.  Maybe just a little bit.  Talk about the best birthday present EVER!  

It is now 10:30 pm and only a mere 90 minutes remains before the clock chimes at midnight to usher me into my 21st  year.  Here's to it!   xx


  1. happy 21st!!!

    enjoy celebrating!!

    and congrats on the promotino & raise :)

  2. Your dress is lovely! Isn't it nice when you find just the right thing in just the right size?

    Congrats on your promotion & raise.


  3. hi dear! while browsing I came acrosse your blog..and I must say I love it! great post!! and congrats on the promotion!! would you be interested in following each other via Gfc and Bloglovin? I always return the follow..let me know :)

  4. Happy birthday and congrats on the promotion! I love Jamba Juice. =)

  5. That dress is SO pretty! & congrats on shift manager at Jamba Juice!!

  6. Gorgeous dress! Hope you had a great birthday! And congratulations on the promotion!

  7. Happy birthday! What a cute crown.

  8. You look beautiful!!!! Yay for awesome birthday celebrations! And $2 pay raises :)

  9. You look stunning! The dress is so gorgeous and you really look fabulous with that together with the crown.

    Candice Smith


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