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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Avoiding the heat by.. waiting for a tow?

For dramatical purposes, as we speak I am waiting at Starbucks for a tow truck.

Yep.  Right now.  This very instant.  Well, probably (hopefully) not this instant as you read it, but you know.

This is supposed to be my trying-to-look-worried-and-anxious face.

But let's face it.  I'm not that worried or anxious at all.  I only said that because I think that's how people normally react in these kinds of situations.  Mostly it's just garnering me some pretty weird looks from the people sitting nearby.  They must think I'm certifiably crazy holding that expression.  Sitting all by myself.  Staring at my laptop.  Maybe I should carry a sign.  "It's okay.  I do this for a living" or "Don't worry, I'm a blogger."

Yeah.  That would do it.

Well since I now have your rapt attention, as you are no doubtedly waiting for my explanation as to why I need my car towed, you are about to be met with a very anti-climactic story.

I was driving along to Starbucks this morning, you know, for my morning coffee, and after I left (coffee in hand), I walked back to my car and started it up.  No problem.  I was even running a little early for my 9 AM bio class.  Which never happens, by the way.  Never.

But then.  Oh, but then.  My car refused to move out of park.  A small child plopping itself on the ground at a grocery store with crossed arms and a frown on its face comes to mind.  This was a similar experience.  My car being the child, if you didn't catch that.

She (my car - her name is Abbey if you were wondering. You probably weren't. Oh well) sat in the Starbucks parking lot from 9 AM until 5:30 PM when we finally got her onto the truck.  I wasn't waiting for the tow that whole time, mind you!  I was in class for most of the day, and luckily the school is (relatively) right next to the Starbucks I visited.

So, that is why I am here waiting for a tow truck; for the first time in my life, at that.  Should we celebrate?  My tow-cherry has been popped.  Maybe some champagne?

And that, my friends, is my exciting story for the day.  Hopefully yours wasn't this crazy!   xx


  1. Bummer! Do you know what happened yet? At least it wasn't raining or snowing! And... you got your coffee!

  2. I have been a bit high strung this semester, and your post gave me a gentle reminder to stop stressing the small stuff. Everything always seems to sort itself out in the end. Kudos to you for letting it roll off your back...and for seeing the humor in the situation. You have a new fan (and follower).

  3. This may be late but it's somehow a relief that your car was still in park when this happened and not in the middle of the road. Also, it's a good thing that there was a towing service nearby. I could imagine how long you would've waited if there was none. It's been months, how's your car? I hope this will never happen to you again.

    Jae Gunderson @ AustinEagleTransmission.com


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