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Friday, February 08, 2013

What being sick means

Being sick is possibly one of the worst things to ever happen.  You lose your voice from coughing, can't breathe well because of sinus pressure, and all around just feel like crap.  It sucks being sick.  But here's what being sick really means.

Being sick means people go out of your way to get you what you need/want.  Water, cough drops, maybe even your favorite snack from the store.  Anything to keep you happy and quarrantined so everyone else doesn't get sick too.

Being sick means having a five-foot invisible bubble around you.  People can sense when someone is sick and give you a wide berth at all times so as not to become infected with what is making you miserable.

Being sick means suffering through work becauseyouhavetoshowyourbossthatyou'lldoanythingforapromotion.  ANYTHING.

Being sick means sleeping for 10 hours at night, but still feeling exhausted, which means a 3 hour nap in between those 10 hour nights.  Who has time for errands or cleaning?  

Being sick means watching SVU reruns so much that you're now able to recite every single line, and know things you really shouldn't.  What, you didn't know Tutuola's badge number?  Shame on you.

But most of all, being sick means losing your voice, not being able to breathe, and feeling like crap.

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  1. hello! i nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. if you choose to participate all of the info can be found on my blog. have a lovely weekend!


  2. Is that a picture of you? It's very creative!
    I hope that you feel better though!!!!! xx

  3. Ugh being sick is the worst. But at least I get to watch Grey's Anatomy all day when I am :)
    I just found your blog and I love it. You are adorable. Holy cow.
    Would love to have you on the other end :)
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  4. Hope you are feeling better today, Megan!

  5. Being sick really sucks. Hope you feel better soon.


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