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Monday, February 25, 2013

That time I woke up looking like I'd been electrocuted

That time was actually this morning.  And be aware, this is the after picture.  After I slaved over my hair to make it look nice and presentable.  Actually I didn't really slave, but it did take work!  It's not easy looking this fabulous.

Here's the 411.  I thought I'd be a cool hipster and jump on the friar tuck method  bandwagon of curling your hair and this is what happened.  I was hoping/expecting awesome, beautiful curls like Aunie's but no.  Who was I kidding thinking that I'd roll out of bed with my hair looking like anything but a mess?  It's funny how after all these years, I'm still waiting for it to happen...

Anyway!  Back to the story.

I got out of bed and my hair was disheveled and a little bit unkempt.  Then I tried taking it out of the headband.  How's that for fun!  Let's just say, the look of frustration I saw on my face as I was trying to take my hair down has made me rethink ever doing this again.

Yeah.. How'd you like to wake up to that every morning?  You're right.  I've probably got seven messages waiting for me from potential suitors as we speak.

It doesn't look so bad here, but up close it was like a personal rat's nest.  The way it used to look in the morning before I had it permanently straightened.  Talk about déjà vu!  Certainly don't miss that.

After I carefully brushed it out to tame the rat's nest I had going on, I pinned back the front pieces which were practically ringlets next to the rest of my hair, because I couldn't go out looking like what you see in the picture above, now could I?  After some gel and a lot of hairspray, this is the result.  Semi-decent.  Somewhere between I-slept-over-at-my-boyfriend's-house-and-didn't-have-a-flatiron and this-was-all-I-could-put-together-in-ten-minutes.  I can work it.

Now tell me, have you ever tried to curl your hair like this?  Was it a total disaster or did you look like you'd just stepped off the runway?   xx


  1. i think the finished product is cute! curls tend to be barely anything, or over the top crazy. never the pretty, gentle waves we all seem to want. you do remind me of brave in the pics after you first took your hair down. :)

  2. I first came across that method when i had a side cut, so I thought it would look odd, and never tried it. Now I think my hair is too short to do it. Maybe I'll try it when I get some length back.
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!

  3. I once tried to curl my hair. I was being a 1950s housewife for Halloween and so the only way I could figure out how to get ringlets was to straighten it and then curl it again.... I couldn't figure it out and handed the curling iron to someone else.


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