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Friday, November 30, 2012

Instagrammin' it up in here

You may or may not follow me on Instagram (@megancooper13 !) and if not I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks with you!  I also feel I must note that I have reached the 600 pictures mark... I guess you could say I'm obsessed.

It has been dumping buckets here in (northern) California as we are in the midst of the second of three storms to hit this week.  I'm not sure how you can have three separate storms over the course of four days (all one big storm to me!) but that's apparently what's happening.  I'll leave the weather shenanigans to the professionals.  Tonight I'll be submitting my applications to Cal Poly SLO and UCSC for next fall.... Eeeek!  I'm so nervous!  Waiting the next few months to find out if I'm accepted is going to be killer.  Have you applied to any schools for next year?

I'll be back tomorrow (ohmygosh it will be December!!) with an outfit post.  Enjoy your Friday night!   xx
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  1. the landscape photos are particularly lovely!!

  2. What beautiful pictures! I especially love the pictures you took of the road and the water droplet picture is stunning!

  3. These pictures are seriously gorg! What phone do you have? I love love LOVE the ones of the road, the water droplets and the blurry one of the sign. How did you get it all blurry? I love these! Gah. xx Natalia


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