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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Even Hope

top, shorts, & sweater | forever 21    boots | madden girl    purse | ebay    glasses | giorgio armani

Goodness, how stressful life has been lately.  Working 25 hours a week, being enrolled in 16 units, and spending what little time is left over on consecutive custom Etsy orders has left me no time for my blog, and I'm sorry for that.  There's nothing I'd like better than to blog all day!  Stupid statistics.  And philosophy.  And everything else that gets in the way of that.  Let's just say, I'm ready to be finished with school.  Done.  Finito.

I just got these boots this past weekend, and I am not sure how, but I walked out of the store with them less than ten minutes after walking in, without knowing what I was looking for.  I had no idea a girl could shop for a pair of shoes so fast.  As they say, the impossible is often the untried!  ;)

I've also been trying to dye my hair a dark chocolate brown for winter, but it seems no matter what I do, or how many times I do it, my natural red hair won't be silenced!  Speaking of hair, it seems crazy to me how long mine's gotten in the last twelve months or so; the other day I stumbled across a picture of my mom, sister, and me taken during the holiday season last year, and in the picture my hair was just brushing my shoulders.  I sure don't miss that.  Anyway enjoy your Tuesday evening!   xx

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  1. You are SUCH a fashion inspiration!!! I love this outfit. :D

  2. I love your outfit, so adorable! The boots are too cute! :)


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