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Friday, August 10, 2012

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Just some soft Friday tunes for ya!  I apologize for this post being so late at night, but I've been busy all day with work and a few errands.  One of which involved going up to my school to exchange a painting brush I got the other day with one whose tip was actually attached..  Anyhow, I took the backroads up there and back since the highway is a mess in the afternoon, and on my way home I decided to be adventurous and explore a road that I pass every day on the highway, and always want to drive down, but never have a chance to do so!  I'm so glad I finally did.  I love the backroads, and these pictures are able to adequately explain why.  :)  All taken with my iPhone too!  ;)  I love that thing.  xx

currently listening to.... Eet - Regina Spektor

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