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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Itsy Bitsy

romper, belt, & sunglasses //  forever 21  cardigan //  calvin klein

So here are my first real test pictures with my new macro lens!  I am  SO. HAPPY. that I finally have a lens that correctly autofocuses!  Like, those caps are the equivalent of me shrieking in happiness.  I'm that psyched about it.  These are also the first real pictures I have of what my new hair color looks like, other than looking at it from the bathroom mirror.  I have to be honest here, I'm really happy that the red/purpleish color I had before is gone.  Speaking of my hair, you have to forgive me a little for it looking like I just rolled off my pillow - I drove the 30 minutes home from class today with the windows down the whole way, so my polished look sort of went out the window (ha, ha, get it? Out the window?  Punny..)

Anyway, a word about this outfit.  I recently bought this romper off of a friend, who was cleaning out her closet, and today was the first time I styled it.  It's just a tad too short for my liking, but it was still fun and summery to wear.  Even though it was foggy and 65º this morning when I had class, I'm determined to dress in summer clothes until it's no longer summer.  ;)  Also included my favorite pictures I took of Omaha and her mom Heloise tonight.  I know I'm killing you via jealousy with adorable puppy pictures, but I have bragging rights here people that need to be exercised!  ;)  I also have a fun post planned for tomorrow about having a puppy with me during my first week of school, so look out for that.   xx

currently listening to.... Glad You Came - The Wanted


  1. That outfit is so much fun! And i do believe that I need a camera because my pictures will never match up to anything close! Haha.. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post! :)


  2. That outfit is so cute! You pictures are very nicely taken too!

  3. That's absolutely glorious! I love the flower detail!!! And the puppers!


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