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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

knitting/new outfits!

     As promised, a knitting post!  Finally, I know.  Mostly I'm just excited that I finally have pictures of all my recent work to accompany my projects on Ravelry.  So, first up is the cowl I finished a few weeks ago; I'm not sure if I totally like it though, and I may take it out and re-do it a little differently.  Maybe.  And I know the color of the yarn looks a little weird - my camera just cannot seem to pick it up correctly.  This seems preposterous, for the $1,300 I spent on it..

     Of course, I also modeled it for you...

     Notice this grey striped shirt though -  I love it so much!  I found it today at Forever 21 for only $15.  Because it's kinda slouchy, it's really comfy, but still looks pretty good (if I do say so myself) which = an amazing shirt for work.  Speaking of which, I have successfully survived my second day.  My manager, Stephanie, told me I'm doing pretty well, which is good to hear.  It was a challenge at first due to a very intimidating amount of information thrown at me all at once, but I have almost everything down by now.  What can I say, I'm a quick learner!

     Next up, since I'm talking about work (these being new work clothes), is the second piece I got at Forever 21, a gorgeous sequined sheath dress.

     The stripes are navy, so I found a dark blue belt to go with it.  I'm still not sure about it, but I've been told by Will that it does in fact look good, so maybe it is okay.  As a side note, we celebrated our first anniversary this past weekend - exciting!!

     Last up is my current project: a leaf-edged ascending/descending scarf made out of the yarn I talked about on July 8th.  This is not the project I talked about then, though.  The one I had in mind back then was a long pillow case that folded over onto itself.  I chose this pattern from Ravelry, because someone else had used the same yarn and it looked really pretty when finished.  Easy-peasy!  It's actually been a pretty fun, and fairly mindless (after many rows, from memorizing the pattern) project.  It'll be a nice accessory to have for the fall, too.

     If you'd like it, you can find the pattern for this scarf here.  That about wraps it up!  Have a good rest of your night, guys.


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