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Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to: Make a Smoothie

     Have you ever gone to Jamba Juice, Juice Shack, or any other smoothie store and wished you could make your own at home?  Then you're in the right place!  Because this post is all about showing you how. This morning I decided to shake up the breakfast routine and make a smoothie instead of the regular cereal or bagel.

     Here's what you're going to need:

     1.  A blender
     2.  Juice of some kind (I used guava-strawberry)
     3.  Plain yogurt, if you don't have any vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt
     4.  Fruit of your choice
     5.  (Crushed ice is optional)

     Here's how you're going to do it:

     1.  Add aproximately 8 ounces of juice to the blender (eyeing it works perfectly fine.  Keep in mind that it's better to use too little juice, and add more if you need it, though)
     2.  For this smoothie, I used two bananas and one tangerine.  If you're using frozen fruit, add about half a cup of each, or 1+ cup if you're only using one fruit.   (as a side note, if you decide to use oranges/tangerines in your smoothie, make sure you take the time to peel the white skin off that's under the peel, otherwise you'll end up with a pulp-y smoothie.  You can tell from the picture that I learned that the hard way)
     3.  Yogurt/ice cream/frozen yogurt will thicken your smoothie up.  Add a large spoonful or two of whatever you have on hand.
     4.  Add 1 cup of crushed ice.
     5.  Blend for 20-30 seconds.
     6.  Pour and enjoy!

     Yummy!  :)

     Have a good Saturday afternoon!

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