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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Band of Diamonds

     Alright.  A post! I've missed you guys, so I thought I'd share the hat I finished last night.  The yarn was a Christmas gift from my cousins in Washington, and of course I cast on a swatch with some of it as soon as I got home the other night!

     This was my first colorwork project, and at first I was a little hesitant, but after a few rows I saw that I was doing it right, and by the time it was over I was totally psyched about it!  I'm still in love to death with this hat, and even wore it to work this morning (which was understandable, as it was 6:40 AM).

     These are the first yarns I have (at the same time) that are the same in weight and texture, which was ideal for this project.  And luckily, these colors kinda matched (the contrast color is a pale green; I know it looks a little yellow in the pictures).

     The yarn in the picture above is what's left after finishing this project, so now I'm off to figure out what to make with the rest of it!

     Hope you had a lovely holiday!

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